PawBakes – Doggie Cupcakes


PawBakes recently selected us to be one of their bakers and try out their doggie cupcake baking kits! PawBakes is an award-winning small business run by three friends with a passion for pets and baking. They specialise in bake your own pet treats.



We were very excited to get baking and it was all so easy. The box contained pre-mixed packs for the peanut butter cupcakes, (dog friendly) chocolate icing and 6 cupcake cases. It clearly stated that all you needed to add was 1 egg, vegetable oil and water.



The moment we started mixing the Cupcake mix and additional ingredients Ila was captivated by the smell. She even had the opportunity to lick out the bowl, albeit slightly sneakily while I tried to take photos!



After 16 minutes in the oven, they were ready and we both enjoyed the delicious peanut butter smell. After cooling, we melted the choc icing and decorated the cupcakes. Ila was so excited to eat them that she started whining while I took the photos of her with them (she didn’t understand why she couldn’t just eat them first!). It’s safe to say, in about two bites, the cupcakes were very well received by Ila.





We had lots of fun baking them together and we look forward to trying out their peanut butter and honey biscuit bones in the future!

Thank you PawBakes team!

Georgina and Ila 💜


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